Turn your sonogram image into everlasting art

Every painting carry a story, a history and a future. It is not just a painting of a baby. It is a painting of life, of hope and love. It is the beginning of a story yet to be told.

Unique art, exclusively made for you.

Exclusively for you

Unique paintings for unique customers

From the moment our brush touches the surface of the water, we know exactly who the piece of art is destined for. All our paintings are made to order and tailored to the customer’s individual wishes and needs.

At Cotton Stories, each painting is one of a kind and crafted by hand, down to the very last brush stroke. The painting is embossed to guarantee that is a genuine Cotton Stories artwork, and it receives a hand-signed label as a final touch from the artist herself.

To preserve your keepsake safely during transport, the artwork will be carefully stored in a custom made box, hand-crafted in Stockholm, by the prominent manufacturer Norrmalms Kartongfabrik.

”A true piece of art gives a feeling no machine can ever create”

Our products

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