• 9 November, 2018

To get out of your comfort zone

To get out of your comfort zone

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We work with collaborations as most brands do today, using influencers as a way to get you out there. Its a very fun and creative, but also risky way to do business. You never really know if it will go the way you think. And the thing is that its not at all about how many followers, or how expensive  the collaboration might be that always pays out in the end. We’ve noticed that even the smaller accounts can bring you much more than the bigger ones. Its all about timing, audience and branding. We love finding influencers, big or small doesn’t really matter, if we see potential or a creative personality we go with it!

Collaborations with influencers are fun but we’ve been wanting to trying something new and work more with other companies and see how that works. Let me tell you that its not easy coming from knowing pretty much nothing about marketing, branding and all the other stuffs behind building your brand. And then just hit the action button and get out there! Thats why you should team up with someone that knows maybe not all, but more than you do so you can run the extra mile together. And to be honest, to have someones hand to hold when you don’t really know what you’ve gotten yourself into, makes you run a little further… I have that feeling a lot these days, you get a kick from trying something new and unknown not really knowing if it will be for the better or worse. But hey, you snooze, you loose right?

During the past few weeks we’ve been contacting companies we would like to work with in some way and now it really starting to pay off which is such a great feeling. I can honestly say that If it wasn’t for Madeleine I wouldn’t have had the courage to do half the things she makes me do these days. She has the guts that I sometimes lack, and thats why its such a great thing working with her on this. And she knows her way around how to communicate with other companies. I am an artist. I can talk about a lot of stuff, ask me anything about the paintings or how to blend colors. But when it comes to “deal or no deal” Im not that tuff…yet.

We’ll tell you all about our very first collaboration with another company next week. Until then you get a little sneak peak of how it looks 😉