• 28 October, 2018

The free week-end!

The free week-end!

The free week-end! 1024 699 Cotton Stories

This week-end has been aaaall about me. haha! Robert has flown away to Africa for a week and Filippa went to my dads over the week-end so I had some girlfriends over. SO long since I had a whole week-end for my self. We did what we do best. We ate good food, spend the whole day just doing girly stuffs, like facials, nails, giggling, you name it. As a mom, thats something you don’t get to do very often so its was a treat to be able to eat a real brunch slowly and without assisting your toddler, and to actually paint your nails and do a facial with no rush what so ever.

We ended the evening with the new netflix serie “the Haunting at Hill House”. Has anyone of you seen it? If you haven’t- see it! You’re in for a treat. our screams, depending on how you react to horror series.  Robert actually woke me up the night after we’ve seen the first episode because I was screaming in my sleep. (jiiikes) When he asked me what I was dreaming about, I just said – “The bent neck lady”….When you see it, you’ll get it. She is not that nice. So a little bit of a heads up, if you are an easily scared person, do not watch it alone. ever…

Now I’ve finally got my daughter back home and I’ve missed her like crazy, feels like they grow so much when you don’t see them for a few days. We played outside for a while and then we got home, freezing like crazy since the winter finally got to us. (and I was not dressed for that) so we made some hot chocolate and snuggled up on the sofa before she got to bed, and now I am working away allt the “to do’s” for last week. I feel so ready for a new week! Its going to be so exciting. We are going to show you guys our latest collaboration with a company, and I am going to put together a few behind the scenes material for you to see since thats something you frequently ask for 🙂

Have a great Sunday!