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the cotton baby

23 weeks pregnant! 1024 683 Cotton Stories

23 weeks pregnant!

The baby is now the size of an grapefruit. Thats just insane! haha I still imagine him very small but I can tell by his movement thats…

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Cotton baby is a… 1024 683 Cotton Stories

Cotton baby is a…

So the day finally came and we got to see our baby…..boy! Feels soooo weird to say we are having a boy!? I really thought I’d be…

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Say hello to Cottons upcoming member! 1024 684 Cotton Stories

Say hello to Cottons upcoming member!

So I guess its time to reveal this little secret I’ve been holding for quite some time now. If all goes well, there will be an addition…

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Birth posterBaby's First Selfie

Birth posterBaby's First Selfie