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22 weeks pregnant 1024 683 Cotton Stories

22 weeks pregnant

So once again I got a notice on my phone telling me Im 22 weeks pregnant, woop! Its getting hard to find clothes that fit, and feels/look…

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So last week didn’t go as planned… 1024 683 Cotton Stories

So last week didn’t go as planned…

so last week didn’t go quite as planned, but now a days thats more usual than unusual. I had an early appointment at the midwife on Wednesday…

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The free week-end! 1024 699 Cotton Stories

The free week-end!

This week-end has been aaaall about me. haha! Robert has flown away to Africa for a week and Filippa went to my dads over the week-end so…

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Birth posterBaby's First Selfie

Birth posterBaby's First Selfie