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So last week didn’t go as planned…

So last week didn’t go as planned…

So last week didn’t go as planned… 1024 683 Cotton Stories

so last week didn’t go quite as planned, but now a days thats more usual than unusual. I had an early appointment at the midwife on Wednesday to do another sonogram to check the location of my placenta. On the 20 week scan the placenta “wall” was halfway down so we did another check to see that it wouldn’t  go further down and “block the exit”. And it didn’t! Its now placed towards my back so he should have no problem finding his way out.

How cute is this? My heart melted when she said “mom, he is so cute”. She sure shares my enthusiasm for these sonogram images and actually see a cute baby and not an alien. She will run the business one day 😉

After the scan I  had 2 hours to work before I had to pic up Filippa at Roberts office since she was not feeling very well and we decided not to take her to preschool. Since he was away in Africa she’s been so klingy on him and was super happy when he told her she had to go with him to the office for a few hours and now all she talks about is going there everyday, cause apparently she works there now haha!

The only thing that is a little tricky when she has to be home from preschool is that I cant do as many paintings as I normally do in one day. in fact I cant even make 1 as long as she’s awake. Ive tried, and it has ended up with me putting the wrong name on a painting or that she “helps me” when I turn my back on it and aaaah..theres some blue lines on the baby’s face. Don’t think you guys would appreciate it as much as she does so I’ve just decided that the hard work begins when she’s asleep. And that means I work long nights on weeks like this! Its a good thing I do love my job. So last week has been all about, running between meetings and baking stuff with a toddler. My sugar craving has gone totally bananas the last few weeks so I gladly bake colorful cookies and eat them all and blame it on Robert when she askes where they all went…


Cotton Stories

The idea of Cotton Stories was born at the coffee table a grey and cold December day in 2016. Caroline and her former colleague had a strong desire to do something fun and creative. The result was Cotton Stories, where Caroline is an artist who creates magic with the brush and as a true visionary turns ideas into reality. Cotton Stories creates unique and tailored paintings, with sonogram images of the most precious miracle. It can’t get bigger than that.

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