• 16 October, 2018

Say hello to Cottons upcoming member!

Say hello to Cottons upcoming member!

Say hello to Cottons upcoming member! 1024 684 Cotton Stories

So I guess its time to reveal this little secret I’ve been holding for quite some time now. If all goes well, there will be an addition to our Cotton team in March 2019.

Say hello to our Cotton Baby!

I’m just over 18 weeks and the baby belly can’t be excused anymore! It has arrived! I think this is the longest I’ve ever kept a secret in my entire life. And you should now that I don’t keep secrets very well so this is a huge thing for me, but finally I get to say  “I am pregnant!”

There is nothings as nerv wrecking as peeing on that stick that (hopefully) will change your life forever. Even though I was pretty sure I was pregnant I still noticed how my hands were shaking as I waited to see the results. I didn’t tell Robert that I was going to take the test, neither did I the first time, I wanted to surprise him. When I was pregnant with our first the test turned positive just seconds after I put it down so I was a little stunned when nothing happened this time. Seconds went by and I felt this sting of disappointment growing inside of me…negative, again. But then it changed into a very clear plus sign. I was right! I was pregnant. holy moly…. I totally lost all the ideas of how I was going to tell him and just started shouting his name and asking him to come down the stairs. Im pretty sure he was expecting me up on a chair pointing at a very tiny but super scary spider and asking him to take it out! I said nothing. Just showed him the stick and went, “well this happened”. SO romantic the second time around haha!

I think we both panicked a little inside, even though we didn’t tell one another. We wanted this for quite some time but when it actually happens, its scary. Especially when you already have a child and you kind of know how hard it is the first year. We were happy, but terrified! We told our parents the following week but it still felt sooo unreal. When we expected our daughter it felt so natural from day one! Like I could feel her even though she was just a tiny embryo at the time. This time…well I can tell you that I am now 18 weeks pregnant and I still wonder if its really happening? Am I really pregnant? Have you ever seen those Dr Phil episodes “I really thought I was pregnant” ? Am I one of those? haha! No I am not. I’ve seen a tiny little human bouncing around in my uterus so yep – this is happening! And I am soooo excited!!


This is our very first picture of our little one, just over 12 weeks. Next week we have our 19 weeks scan and I can’t wait to see how much it has grown and to reveal if its a he or she!