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Birth Poster

Eternalize the two greatest moments of your life in a painting! The first glimpse of the little bundle of joy in your belly, and the magical moment of birth. Each Birth Poster is as individual as a birth picture can be. We create a hand-painted picture based on your baby’s unique sonogram image. With hand-printed birth details, this becomes a product that is far beyond ordinary.

Available sizes

Customized details
When you have placed your order, you can always tell us if you want to enhance a detail from the sonogram or have any other special wishes. And if you had the luck of getting two or three little ones at the same time, all the babies will be in the same painting. You can decide how you want them portrayed, head to head or head to toe.

The birth poster will also include loving details of your baby’s birth, such as name, date and time of the birth, weight and length.

If your have any questions, please check out our FAQ. And you are always welcome to contact us at hello@cottonstories.se.

Choose orientation

Did you get twins or even triplets? Choose to how you want to portray the babies – head to head, head to toe.

Add details

Add the lovely detail of a red heart or enhance a specific detail from the sonogram. Just let us know.

Extra customized

You will get the name, birth date, time, weight and length. If you have other wishes, please ask us.

"It's amazing to have the first time we saw him and the first time we met him combined in one painting"

- Anna from Norway

Birth posterBaby's First Selfie

Birth posterBaby's First Selfie