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prepping for take off

prepping for take off

prepping for take off 1024 683 Cotton Stories

The last few weeks as been soooo insane , we’ve been having an extrem order pressure and scheduled all of our company collabs to be ready this week. Which means I’ve been painting babies high and low! This week Im shipping of a few paintings to a ultrasound clinic in America, and next week we will be hanging 9 paintings at another company here in Stockholm. It feel so weird yet very exciting to have my work exhibit in the right envoriment.

As the weeks go by I don’t really think as much about the growing baby inside my belly. But now its getting a bit hard not to be reminded every once in a while that he is actually there. He is very active and likes what feels like rolling around in my womb, it kind of tickles and makes you a bit see sick at the same time, haha! And the belly is getting bigger so its getting hard being able to sit down and paint for very long these days….

I never really thought about the fact that the belly would get so huge that it might be difficult for me to paint the way I am used to, but I realize now that I have to start standing up just in a few weeks. good thing I have a table that you can switch positions with.

Cant wait to show you where our paintings will be seen next week! We are super excited!



Cotton Stories

The idea of Cotton Stories was born at the coffee table a grey and cold December day in 2016. Caroline and her former colleague had a strong desire to do something fun and creative. The result was Cotton Stories, where Caroline is an artist who creates magic with the brush and as a true visionary turns ideas into reality. Cotton Stories creates unique and tailored paintings, with sonogram images of the most precious miracle. It can’t get bigger than that.

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