Birth poster | Twins

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Our birth poster for twins is something very special to create. It is an artwork where we portray both babies in the same painting. It is most common to have one image for each baby, so we assemble the sonograms into one unique painting, head to head, or head to toe. Together as they are meant to be.

The birth details will be hand-printed, letter by letter, specifying the names, date, time, weight and length of the birth. During checkout, you will specify all details and if you have any special wishes, just let us know. Once you place the order, email your sonogram images to

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The best from nature

100% Cotton

We choose our materials with the outermost care. Aside from appearance, it is important that the materials we use have the characteristics we believe in and at the same time lives up to the high quality that we demand.

We believe in the beauty of nature, and cherish the thought of creating something that will last for a lifetime. Our choice of paper is therefore made exclusively from the finest natural material, Cotton. A proven material that has been used by craftsmen for thousands of years.

From a tiny little seed, hidden in a delicate capsule, it develops to become a colorful flower. And when the time is right, the flower transforms into a fragile but strong, cotton ball. And if it’s harvested with care, the cotton will continue to grow and form new life.


The Swedish pine tree

Lady of the trees

She is tall and majestic. Dressed in a brown-grey spreckled skin, covering a pale and delicate inside. She is wearing a deep green crown that can only be seen when looking up towards the sky.

Her flexibility and durability have made her known worldwide. She is a natural beauty, but not as fragile as she may look. Because she is tremendously strong, with a long life ahead of her. Her oldest family member, that has been found in Sweden, reached an age of 757 years old. She, along with other wood species, covers more than 50% of Swedens total land area.