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How it all started…

How it all started…

How it all started… 1024 768 Cotton Stories

Every now and then I get the question how it all started? How did I come up with the Idea of painting sonograms, and when did I decide to make business out of it?

It all started when I was pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago. I had a scan at 17 weeks to check on the baby to see that all was well and thankfully it was! I didn’t get a picture since it was just a quick check up but I was so amazed by the little human in my belly that held up her hand almost like she was waving. I knew I just had to create a mental picture from it. So as soon as I got home I brought out my paint and brush and did a very quick sketch of what I’ve just saw. My baby, bouncing around under my heart, Such an amazing and weird feeling when its the first time you experience it. I can still remember how I just sat in the kitchen staring at that sketch thinking “wow, thats a part of me and Robert right there”.

Months went by and I kept thinking that I was going to do something with my 20 weeks sonogram image as well but time went by and she was born and then it just wasn’t on my mind until my friend was pregnant. I thought it would be nice to give her, her sonogram image as a painting. And after that I noticed that its was a pretty cool thing to do so I started small, just painting for friends and family. But as the words spread I realized I could actually make a business out of the whole thing and I decided to go all the way. And now I paint sonograms of twins, triplets, and even tiny embryos for people all over the world. I remembered the excitement I got when we shipped the first order beyond Sweden, that was a great feeling. Now we ship to every continent on this Earth. That is just….wow.

This journey I’ve been on so far has been the most amazing one in my life. It has not only been happy clappy and challenging in ways I didn’t know existed. It has also been extremely tuff, it is not easy running your own business and some of the decisions you have to take is not easy, and I’ve been taking some pretty rough ones the past few months. But you learn from it and hopefully it all makes sense in the long run.

I love doing what I do today, and I hope that this is only the beginning of the greatest adventure there ever will be.


Cotton Stories

The idea of Cotton Stories was born at the coffee table a grey and cold December day in 2016. Caroline and her former colleague had a strong desire to do something fun and creative. The result was Cotton Stories, where Caroline is an artist who creates magic with the brush and as a true visionary turns ideas into reality. Cotton Stories creates unique and tailored paintings, with sonogram images of the most precious miracle. It can’t get bigger than that.

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