• 24 October, 2018

Cotton baby is a…

Cotton baby is a…

Cotton baby is a… 1024 683 Cotton Stories

So the day finally came and we got to see our baby…..boy! Feels soooo weird to say we are having a boy!? I really thought I’d be having another girl since I’ve been trowing up like crazy, just as I did with Filippa. So I guess the theory that you feel less sick when you expect a boy is false. haha!

Cant say I am enjoying this pregnancy yet. I cant wait until I get to keep all my food and perhaps get some energy back. But I do have a feeling that it will be a lot heavier this time since Im already having trouble walking for very long.

I do however feel very calm towards the fact that I’ll be going trough that whole baby thing again and the fact that we are having a boy makes it Moore exciting. It feels like something new and unknown. Even though I am pretty sure being a parent to a boy is the exact same thing as being a parent to a girl 😉

I am having a boy…Still feels weird to say. WHAT does his sonogram look like then you might think? Well, I have to tell you that this little man didn’t share the same entusiasm towards sonograms as his mother, so we had a really hard time getting good pictures. Not my biggest supporter for sure!


This first one is actually from a video. He hid his head so much that we only got to see little glimpse of it. sneaky little thing….

This is the best one. haha! She explained that he is actually sitting up and he didn’t have any plans to change positions since he stayed like this during the whole scan. He has his head under my chest, and his butt towards the “exit”. If he doesn’t change position I’ll probably will feel him stretching, and thats not comfortable.

All and all, everything looks good, and he is growing like he’s supposed to. I cant wait until I get to feel those little kicks of his. (please don’t kick towards the exit, haha) I might have felt some, but its so tiny that I am not entirely convinced its actually him.

So excited to go to work tomorrow, and if I get time, I’ll try and make a painting out of one of his pictures. Hopefully, he’ll be more cooperate the next time!