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So last week didn’t go as planned… 1024 683 Cotton Stories

So last week didn’t go as planned…

so last week didn’t go quite as planned, but now a days thats more usual than unusual. I had an early appointment at the midwife on Wednesday to do another sonogram to check the location of my placenta. On the 20 week scan the placenta “wall” was halfway down so we did another check to see that it wouldn’t  go further down and “block the exit”. And it didn’t! Its now placed towards my back so he should have no problem finding his way out.

How cute is this? My heart melted when she said “mom, he is so cute”. She sure shares my enthusiasm for these sonogram images and actually see a cute baby and not an alien. She will run the business one day 😉

After the scan I  had 2 hours to work before I had to pic up Filippa at Roberts office since she was not feeling very well and we decided not to take her to preschool. Since he was away in Africa she’s been so klingy on him and was super happy when he told her she had to go with him to the office for a few hours and now all she talks about is going there everyday, cause apparently she works there now haha!

The only thing that is a little tricky when she has to be home from preschool is that I cant do as many paintings as I normally do in one day. in fact I cant even make 1 as long as she’s awake. Ive tried, and it has ended up with me putting the wrong name on a painting or that she “helps me” when I turn my back on it and aaaah..theres some blue lines on the baby’s face. Don’t think you guys would appreciate it as much as she does so I’ve just decided that the hard work begins when she’s asleep. And that means I work long nights on weeks like this! Its a good thing I do love my job. So last week has been all about, running between meetings and baking stuff with a toddler. My sugar craving has gone totally bananas the last few weeks so I gladly bake colorful cookies and eat them all and blame it on Robert when she askes where they all went…


Hormonal rollercoaster 1024 683 Cotton Stories

Hormonal rollercoaster

Pregnancy Week 20 will go to this pregnancy history of disaster weeks! its been a hormonal rollercoaster. Since Robert was in Africa I was alone during the week and thats usually fine. For a few days. Then its like something switches and I absolutely hate being alone. I get scared for all the little things (and big ), “what if I die in my sleep and no one will find Filippa until days later?” I know this sounds super crazy but once the thought get stuck in you head, its kinda hard to get it out. especially since you are alone so IF it happens, well you are screwed. Thankfully my best friend decided to call me every single morning just to check that I was alive and kicking which made the nights a lot easier.

When Thursday came everything took a turn and I just panicked over the fact of being alone for 4 more days so I decided to go to my parents over the weekend. I don’t understand why I get so scared of being alone for to long. Im usually a person who loves to be alone but I guess its different when you don’t choose to be alone, or when its for more than just 2-3 days. Ive told Robert he is not allowed to travel anymore during this pregnancy. When I think about it I don’t think he will ever be allowed to leave the house after this baby is born. If I hate being alone with one child. Just imagine the scares when I have 2 lives to look after! Jikes! Or maybe I should just get my shit together and stop being so afraid of being along. It didn’t help that someone rang the doorbell at 11pm one night. While I was in bed, after watching way to many episodes of “the Haunting at Hill House”…..No I didn’t check who it was…nope! Didn’t even move haha.

I’ll give you guys an update on the growing belly later, now Im off to meet up Madde and go to an excited meeting!



The free week-end! 1024 699 Cotton Stories

The free week-end!

This week-end has been aaaall about me. haha! Robert has flown away to Africa for a week and Filippa went to my dads over the week-end so I had some girlfriends over. SO long since I had a whole week-end for my self. We did what we do best. We ate good food, spend the whole day just doing girly stuffs, like facials, nails, giggling, you name it. As a mom, thats something you don’t get to do very often so its was a treat to be able to eat a real brunch slowly and without assisting your toddler, and to actually paint your nails and do a facial with no rush what so ever.

We ended the evening with the new netflix serie “the Haunting at Hill House”. Has anyone of you seen it? If you haven’t- see it! You’re in for a treat. our screams, depending on how you react to horror series.  Robert actually woke me up the night after we’ve seen the first episode because I was screaming in my sleep. (jiiikes) When he asked me what I was dreaming about, I just said – “The bent neck lady”….When you see it, you’ll get it. She is not that nice. So a little bit of a heads up, if you are an easily scared person, do not watch it alone. ever…

Now I’ve finally got my daughter back home and I’ve missed her like crazy, feels like they grow so much when you don’t see them for a few days. We played outside for a while and then we got home, freezing like crazy since the winter finally got to us. (and I was not dressed for that) so we made some hot chocolate and snuggled up on the sofa before she got to bed, and now I am working away allt the “to do’s” for last week. I feel so ready for a new week! Its going to be so exciting. We are going to show you guys our latest collaboration with a company, and I am going to put together a few behind the scenes material for you to see since thats something you frequently ask for 🙂

Have a great Sunday!