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Hormonal rollercoaster

Hormonal rollercoaster 1024 683 Cotton Stories

Pregnancy Week 20 will go to this pregnancy history of disaster weeks! its been a hormonal rollercoaster. Since Robert was in Africa I was alone during the…

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20 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant 1024 683 Cotton Stories

I am half way there! 146 days left until he is expected to enter this world ( or exit my huha, jiiikes). At the moment it feels…

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The free week-end!

The free week-end! 1024 699 Cotton Stories

This week-end has been aaaall about me. haha! Robert has flown away to Africa for a week and Filippa went to my dads over the week-end so…

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Cotton baby is a…

Cotton baby is a… 1024 683 Cotton Stories

So the day finally came and we got to see our baby…..boy! Feels soooo weird to say we are having a boy!? I really thought I’d be…

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Thank you!

Thank you! 1024 750 Cotton Stories

I had an early appointment at my midwife yesterday and when I woke up I was super tired, so when I looked at my phone and saw…

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Birth posterBaby's First Selfie

Birth posterBaby's First Selfie