25 weeks pregnant…

25 weeks pregnant… 1024 683 Cotton Stories

…and the pregnancy brain has hit the fan for sure. I’ve seriously been thinking I’ve got 25 weeks left (!?) of this pregnancy so when my mother told me it was only 15 to go, I kind of panicked a bit. 15! thats nothing!? And I haven’t even began to purchase the stuff we need, or think about important stuff like, his name? Ok thats I lie, I do nothing but think of what to name this little guy since I cant find the perfect name just yet. I do have a few favorites that we go back and forth from but it doesn’t have that “thats it” feeling that you want to achieve.

I’ve actually started to like the name Filippa has given him, which is Pelle, but Robert is not as keen on it as I am. And when I say it out load I can hear half of our family going “Thats not a name” but its cute though. And my grandfathers name was Pelle (Per) so I guess that has something to do with it as well. 

In moments like this, I kinda wish babies would come with a name. Who are you? What do you look like? Are you a Noah or Pelle? Lennon or Elliot? Since we found out it was a boy the name Noah has been in the back of my head. I think its neutral, calm and fits all ages. So if I should name him today. It would probably be Noah, and I am pretty sure I will look at him and see if he is a Noah the moment he is on my chest and If he isn’t? well….than Im lost and he will be called “the baby” for the next few weeks. 

She’s gonna be the best sister ever to this little man.

Since Roberts is extremely tired of me asking him for baby names, I got a bit creative and decided to ask the one place where there should be an answer. Instagram 😉 Help us name this little fella before the Swedish state goes in and gives him a name. 


24 weeks pregnant- and the anxiety has arrived

24 weeks pregnant- and the anxiety has arrived 1024 683 Cotton Stories
Lets give a heads up for not so positive and happy update this week. I’ve been thinking about not posting at all since I couldn’t really think of anything great to say about the past week. But then I thought, who am I trying to fool? I am not some super person who only goes trough happy days and never feel low or not on top. I am the exact opposite. I feel high on life just as much as I feel the lowest of low, So I decided to just tell it as it is, cause I am pretty sure I am not the only one experiencing the feelings I am right now.

The past few weeks its been creeping up on me that we soon will have 2 kids. We will within just a few months have another life to take care of and he will probably shake things up a bit. We’ve been a family of 3 for nearly 4 years and the past 2 years we’ve really been enjoying the life we live. Everything goes on quite smoothly and we feel that we have a great balance between work and family life. Roberts works a lot, so that means I take care of most things regarding our home and Filippa, which has been hard from time to time, but overall she’s pretty easy and we like our daily routine.

We felt we’d reached a time in life where it would be nice to give her a sibling and we both wanted one more child so it felt like the right time. Here’s where I feel a bit torned. “Am I fucking up our life bringing another baby into this house?” “Can you love the next child as much as the first one? “what if we change our minds? (never gonna happen) Is now really the best time? WHAT IF I CANT HANDLE TWO KIDS? pleeeease don’t give me any hard comments or mom shaming on this, I feel bad enough about this already. But feel free to share your experience during your pregnancy.

Everyone keeps telling me its so great and “he is soon here, don’t you want to fast speed the time?” And Im more like – NO! please stop the time for a bit. I need to get my head around this whole thing. I need to feel ready!  will I ever feel ready? I am truly looking forward to our little man, but to be honest I am terrified. I can look at our daughter and burst in to tears knowing that the time we’re its only me and her soon will be over. That she will have to share me with her baby brother. How will she manage that? How can I be there for her the way she needs when I have a baby to put first? Some nights I have nightmares of me forgetting either her or the baby somewhere, and wake up soaking wet and cant catch my breath!

I said to Robert the other day that I wish I was one of those mother who just took things smoothly and didn’t think as much as I apparently do. I am so afraid of fucking things up that I have a hard time focusing on just being there. I know everything probably will fall into place when he is born and hopefully all of my fears will just go away the moment he is placed on my chest but for now, I cant stop feeling stressed over the whole thing. And it seems like every other mother around me just goes with the flow and manage to keep sane all the way, and here I am panicking over the fact that we will have another beautiful baby in our family? But as Robert told me. -You may not feel that you got your shit together, but honestly you are capable of so much more that you think. Did I ever mention I love him? He is my rock, and I truly hope he is right.

Wow, that felt good to put my thoughts out of my head for once. Lets end this with a pic of this 24 weeks belly to show how I feel about this little guy when my worries don’t come to the surface.

What was going trough your mind when you were pregnant?


prepping for take off

prepping for take off 1024 683 Cotton Stories
The last few weeks as been soooo insane , we’ve been having an extrem order pressure and scheduled all of our company collabs to be ready this week. Which means I’ve been painting babies high and low! This week Im shipping of a few paintings to a ultrasound clinic in America, and next week we will be hanging 9 paintings at another company here in Stockholm. It feel so weird yet very exciting to have my work exhibit in the right envoriment.

As the weeks go by I don’t really think as much about the growing baby inside my belly. But now its getting a bit hard not to be reminded every once in a while that he is actually there. He is very active and likes what feels like rolling around in my womb, it kind of tickles and makes you a bit see sick at the same time, haha! And the belly is getting bigger so its getting hard being able to sit down and paint for very long these days….

I never really thought about the fact that the belly would get so huge that it might be difficult for me to paint the way I am used to, but I realize now that I have to start standing up just in a few weeks. good thing I have a table that you can switch positions with.

Cant wait to show you where our paintings will be seen next week! We are super excited!



23 weeks pregnant!

23 weeks pregnant! 1024 683 Cotton Stories
The baby is now the size of an grapefruit. Thats just insane! haha I still imagine him very small but I can tell by his movement thats he is getting bigger. This week I am actually feeling…wait for it – GREAT! I don’t know if my body is finding its right place in this pregnancy or if its just a really good week overall, but I’ve been able to move more smoothly lately with is such a relief. And the nausea is pretty much all gone now! So if I am lucky, I will feel a lot better the rest of the pregnancy.

I told you guys last week about my clothing crisis and let me tell you it is now even bigger! Feels like the belly exploded this weekend, and I now have trouble wearing pretty much everything I own. And what is the deal with the boobs that won’t stop growing?! Thankfully I use to work at the best maternity underwear website on this earth –Glammom.se who has the best maternity brahs for pregnant and breast-feeding mamas and I will place another order very soon since I’ve already outgrown the brahs I bough a few weeks back…But who says no to some shopping right? woop!

Another thing thats has gone bananas is my sugar cravings. Robert is now seriously thinking about putting a lock our refrigerator since I cant keep my hands away from all kinds of chocolate and aaaaaaaaall I hear is that pregnant people should not eat to much sugar…The people who says that, has never been pregnant. Will it end or just keep getting worse? The easiest thing should be not to buy the stuff, but if he doesn’t…well lets just say he is better off with my gaining a few extra kilos than having to take the fight of a pregnant ladys cravings every night for the next 4 months…

Happy wife, happy life!





Our very first business collaboration

Our very first business collaboration 1024 683 Cotton Stories

I told you guys last week that we’ve been working pretty hard to find new ways to collaborate, and one of our main goals was to find a way to collaborate with other companies. We’ve just started our very first company collab and are so excited to show you. We want to work with companies that share the same passion for value and content as we do but its a bit tricky when the things we sell are nothing we have in stock or can just make other companies want to take in easily. So we had to think outside the box. How do we want to work with other companies, and what could we offer them in exchange? We started to think about what we thought was important while pregnant and the time after birth. Madeleine had just had a prophylactic course and kept talking about how amazing and calming it was. Not only because of the education she got, but because of the great environment and  the people who worked there. After that we realized, this is the kind of place we would want our paintings to be seen. Not on a billboard, not in the subway station (although that would be pretty cool) But in a calm, loving place where soon to be parents go to prepare yourself for the big day.

After meeting the women at BabyGruppen Sthlm we had an even stronger feeling that this was the right place and I know for sure that I will take a few courses myself to prepare for birth, and after birth Im hoping the baby will let me try baby Yoga, that sounds so fun!

Its so nice to enter a place that doesn’t feel clinical as most places do when you’re expecting. This was a warm feeling and it more felt like to step into someones house and we love that we got the honor to hang not only 1 but 4 of our paintings and to be able to give BabyGruppens customers a nice discount as an extra treat for the mama to be. So for all you mamas and papas living in Stockholm, make sure to check out BabyGruppen and see what they have to offer.

We made sure to get a picture of both of us for once, since the lady next to me are the brains behind this mission and the once to come 😉