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22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks pregnant 1024 683 Cotton Stories

So once again I got a notice on my phone telling me Im 22 weeks pregnant, woop! Its getting hard to find clothes that fit, and feels/look good. WHAT do you buy when you probably won’t slim down anytime soon? The last time I was pregnant I got a big belly just in time for summer, so it was quite easy finding nice outfits, all you needed was a dress and you were done. This time is very different. Its to cold for dresses, but almost to warm to wear sweaters all the time event though thats pretty much all I’m wearing these days. Knits is the perfect outfit if you ask me. But if you do want to show the belly, its not the best clothing. Ive been on sooooo many online shops looking for cool maternity wear but all I seam to find are either cute and girly, or plain basic black white tops from H&M….So if you know any good sites for maternity wear, please let me know! Im getting bored using the same 3 outfits over and over again.

Thank god for Kimono fashion. Robert keeps telling me I don’t need another “morning gown” as he calls it. I nicely reply with -Do you really need another suit?….thought so 😉

My usual belly photographer is not here today so I had to try and take the pictures myself. So if you wonder why I’m constantly on the phone on every picture, its because Im controlling the camera trough it. Im not that good at “acting natural” but I sure look bussy…

Here it is! Cotton baby 22 weeks! I feel so much bigger this time, has anyone else felt the same way or is it just me? Feels like I looked like this when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Filippa. Maybe you get bigger the second time around….or maybe its all the cookies I keep pretending not to eat…


Cotton Stories

The idea of Cotton Stories was born at the coffee table a grey and cold December day in 2016. Caroline and her former colleague had a strong desire to do something fun and creative. The result was Cotton Stories, where Caroline is an artist who creates magic with the brush and as a true visionary turns ideas into reality. Cotton Stories creates unique and tailored paintings, with sonogram images of the most precious miracle. It can’t get bigger than that.

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