• 6 November, 2018

21 weeks pregnant!

21 weeks pregnant!

21 weeks pregnant! 1024 576 Cotton Stories

So far I am enjoying this pregnancy week (entered it today haha) but everything feels so much better than last week. As I mention in the previous post, last week was an emotional mess on my end, but now everything is back to normal and my hormones seems to have gone back to normal crazy.

Since we where out running between meetings this weeks belly had to be on the go! A bit hard to see the size with all the clothing but its growing for sure and Im afraid to say this out loud but, its actually been easier walking the past few days and Im sooooo hoping that it will continue like this now. I feel so isolated when I cant move around the way I am used to and I don’t deal with pregnancy pains very well! I am a moaner on that area for sure.

Here it is, 21 weeks. only 19 (hopefully) weeks to go and I feel his kicks more for each day!


The past few weeks we been working really hard finding new ways to be seen and since this is totally new for both of us, its really fun and scary putting yourself out there. We always meet up 1 pur before a business meeting to go trough all the details. What do we want to say, how are we going to say it, and most importantly, HOW do you sell yourself the right way? SO many questions, so few answers.

The meeting we hade was scheduled way before Madde had her now 7 weeks old baby. She wanted to wait a few weeks to get a routine before we started to bring the baby to all kinds of meetings. I must say that baby Thea has been so smooth during all of our meetings and I really hope my future baby will behave the same…..have a strong feeling he won’t though.

A little sneak-peak on what we were doing after the meeting. We are so excited about this collaboration and we will tell you guys more about it in the future when we’ve worked out all the details. Its funny how life turnes out the way it does. I could never have imagine that I would do the things I do today just 3 years back, and the things we have planner for next year makes me wanna pinch my arm. Its really true what they say -If you can dream it. You can do it. Make it work!