• 30 October, 2018

20 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant

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I am half way there! 146 days left until he is expected to enter this world ( or exit my huha, jiiikes). At the moment it feels like I just got pregnant and its a bit weird its already been 20 weeks. Half way is actually pretty far along and I still haven’t gotten around to the fact that its a baby inside of me. Not a 100 % anyways, and to be honest I sometimes panic a bit inside when I realize he is on his way. We have no plans on having more children after this one and the fact that the time goes by so fast makes me feel a bit stressed. I imagined myself being totally at eeze the second time and really try to enjoy the process and not think to much about the outcome. Well, I don’t spend much time thinking about whats to come thats for sure, but I don’t feel that Im as relaxed as I was the first time. Maybe because I know thats its not that easy being a parent. and that the first few weeks can be all except fluffy clouds of happiness. Or, its the fact that  I do have a 3 year old running around and keeping my busy. The first time, I had nothing to think about but my self and the growing belly.

So this is me, 20 weeks pregnant

The light In my apartment  is broken and therefore way to dark to be able to take a decent picture, so please excuse but enjoy the urban basement location of this weeks belly! Its growing, and its growing fast! Today I actually felt him kick for real and now I feel him every once in a while which freaked me out at first! I had forgotten how weird it is to feel someone bouncing around and you have no control what so ever. (yes I am a control freak) but hopefully I’ll get use to it in a few days or so, and If we’re lucky he will kick hard enough for Robert to feel when he gets back from Africa next week. 

Its getting heavy, and Im only half way, haha! My pelvis is getting weaker for each day and that SUCKS! I may have some of that pregnancy glow going on but my pelvis is not happy at all. And I have  a feeling I will have some trouble walking within just a few weeks. YEJ! If you have any tips and tricks on how to deal with pelvis pains, please let me know!